My Studio

A truly home-based business.

My studio is actually in two parts of my home.

The larger part, like so many of you who also do this for fun or profit, is in my garage. You can see me at my desk in the garage in the first image here on this page. What you don't see are the numerous cabinets, many with very small drawers filled with all sorts of objects, each one offering a new possibility. There are also cabinets behind me, shelving units above me and another whole area with objects, some new and some reclaimed, that I hope to make into new display "homes" that will showcase the many things I have in mind that I wish to become a reality.

It is in this studio that I build furniture and reconstruct model homes. It may not seem like much, but as my webmaster tells me, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the world's first great poster designer, basically used crayons as his medium, and his work hangs in the Louvre. It's how you use it, always. 

The second part of my studio lives inside the house in a spare bedroom that was converted into a workstation. In it, I make the tiny polymer clay figurines, some of the furniture and other objects in it. As you can see, the pieces are very small, and I often need to use a large, table mounted magnifying glass to be able to see the miniscule pieces I am working with. Additionally, the paint brushes I need to use are incredibly small and very delicate as well. To the right of the table is a small oven in which I bake the painted clay pieces into the items you see on the website. 

Definitely a labor of love, and worth every moment I spend on them for all of you.