Welcome friends, my name is Josef.

Welcome to the new and mobile-friendly Crown Miniatures of Portland online store.

Creating intricate and small worlds was not my original calling. For over three decades, I was a grade school teacher, first in my home state of Montana, and then for 14 years in Oregon, where I call my home now.

About six years ago, I retired from teaching, and found that it was time for me to attempt new challenges. I was always fascinated by miniatures, and wanted to create in that field. Being a teacher is usually a great many long, but ultimately rewarding hours, and does not leave much time for other creative endeavors.

Shortly after I was at my first show, I won an award. Awards aren’t what we do this for, at least I certainly don’t, but let me tell you, it was wonderful to be recognized by my peers, people I was, and am often, completely in awe of.

I create most of what you see here on my site and in trade shows, right down to making objects from clay and using the tiniest of brushes to paint them. Sometimes, I will purchase unfinished items, and then refinish them, much like what you would do in your home with furniture.

A true labor of love, it has given me the opportunity to stretch myself and be active in my retirement years in a way I never would imagined.

Thank you friends!


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