That Didn’t Take Long…

In just ten minutes, I received the following message: What were some of the other designs that you didn’t use?

I hope all of you are ready for these.

Bubbles. I was fascinated with them for a few days.
Swirls. Lots and lots of swirls!
Triangles are fun!
I kind of got hung up on geometric diamonds for a while. However, because of these, that led to the breakthrough.
Lord only know where this came from…
Sure, white not pink and white lasers?
Nothing says “unique handmade creations” like quasi-futuristic hexagons. Right?
As Gertrude Stein once said about her hometown, “There is no there, there.”
How about swirls AND bubbles?

This should be a reminder: Always involve your clients in any design decisions, and know that sometimes the thing you think doesn’t work is actually what the answer is.

Love to you all!


Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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