Making It Happen

This isn’t Josef, but his webmaster and visual designer coming to you live from Beaverton, Oregon.

Hello one and all. This is Ben Brown Jr., who is creating this site for Josef. This is just kind of a placeholder for testing functionality on this, the brand new home of Crown Miniatures of Portland.

An early attempt that we all loved, but just wasn’t working.

Immediately, you should find this much easier to read on your mobile device, unlike his last site. Additionally, it wasn’t until Tuesday of last week that Josef finally gave me some direction on what it should look like, and that was quite by accident. I showed him some of the previous designs, and one that struck him was the one with jewels.

The image that lunched our new direction.

Perfect. I have been doing roughs for months, and different layouts, with nothing really coming together. Since I had SO MUCH material to work with already in the development stages, putting together something new, fresh and more fun than last time around came pretty quickly.

Moved back to the original site’s gold and green color scheme, but this time around, much more elegant.

We hope you agree, and know the site should be fully ready and operational for product sales later this week.

As you can see, there will also be much more functionality on this new site. And yes, this button is active!

Thank you all for your patience. There will be several more of these posts over the next couple of days, so you can see, in real time, just how it is done. And because I was asked, yes, I am that guy with the music podcast. The world is much smaller than we all realize.

Love to you all!


Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.

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